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What is SEO and why does your business need it?

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is a necessity for most businesses today. Most companies think SEO is only a platform for media companies and companies related to fields like events, marketing, media, and so on. However, this is not the case. Investing in SEO is an excellent strategy for all businesses to increase the brand, visibility, and customer outreach. With more than 44% of the world’s population using the internet, global reach and influence is a must for all businesses.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation is a multilayered strategy made up of actionable outcomes, best practices, content, text, headers, keywords and phrases, backlinks, site health, presence, and so on. Well done SEO takes time and knowledge to build a company’s presence online and increase the sales, branding, visibility, and reach of the site. Most inquiries and requisitions happen through successful SEO, says The Fab Lab who runs a science party business.

It takes time to masterfully implement on-and-off-site SEO to optimise site rankings and obtain positions of authority on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, AOL, and MSN. SEO strategies are aimed at increasing online presence, improving traffic, and enhancing quality footfall to the website.

SEO keeps the search engine results fair while promoting the actual content and maintaining the trust in users, visitors, and consumers high. Since most users trust the results on search engines, SEO helps improve the experiences of users and ensures they become repeat buyers or visitors.

Why does every business need SEO?

While SEO is compared to magic because of the sudden footfall to the website, it is far from a miracle. SEO is a combination of branding, visibility, Return-On-Investment (ROI), traffic, and understanding customer behaviour.

Branding and Visibility:

Buyer behaviour or rather searcher mannerisms suggest that most people tend to search for the same thing multiple times. Most people type search terms or keywords into search engines and rely on accurate answers or responses. However, not all keywords and phrases are relevant. At such times, searchers redo their search criteria and filter the search results again. This process happens a few times till the person searching for the website is satisfied with the results.

Since your company website and brand were visible every time, there is an excellent chance that the searcher will eventually click on your site link because it showed up in all search terms. Your searcher might even become a potential customer and buy the services or products being sold on your website. SEO helps in improving search rankings with relevant keywords and phrases so that your site shows up in the results pages for maximum key terms.


Searchers tend to relate with sites that keep showing up again and again in their search results. When these searches have the potential to recall your website (from search terms), the credibility of your site increases due to enhanced visibility. A good case study we ran some credible SEO on was for our site who reviews the best recliner chairs, who’s rankings increase exponentially over just 2 months. Optimising the site to increase credibility takes time and does not happen overnight. SEO helps in improving visibility and credibility through systematic placements and rankings on search engines. Branding exercises, incentives for returning customers, and useful content help in creating credibility over time.

Most consumers look for information about a particular product or service when they type keywords into search engines. Trusting the brand and the outcome of the sale or inquiry entirely depends upon the trust that SEO can build in the minds of new and returning customers. Online credibility helps build off-site confidence.

Increasing sales:

Generating traffic is possibly the toughest part of the niche added a company who provides SEO in Worthing, West Sussex. Increase in traffic eventually leads to a boost in sales. Quality traffic to the website is essential so that SEO can regulate the flow and quality of traffic to increase revenues over time. To entice buyers, you need to optimise your site with relevant content, images, videos, infographics, and so on to make it usable and needful to generate leads.

All this content on the website has to work in such a way that SEO can optimise your content on search engines. These search engines will then be able to direct relevant traffic to your website, generate inquiries, and eventually increase sales. SEO helps in increasing qualified traffic to improve sales such as for an essential oil diffuser.

Customer insight:

SEO helps in targeting demographic-based marketing structures. This targeting helps in increasing data and insight due to age, culture, buyer behaviour, climate, population, lifestyle, occupation, and interests of potential customers. Once this insight is sought, it becomes easier to target a specific audience through higher SEO for the future. Buyer behaviour and mannerisms can work in favour of the business to increase sales and branding.

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